15 November 2023

How do I choose a padel racket? 

There are many influencing factors to choosing a padel racket that suits your playing style. Shape, balance, weight, stiffness and the material of the racket are key features to look out for. 

This is your essential guide to choosing the perfect padel racket, outlining the three shapes, their characteristics and how they can benefit you on court. 

Round Padel Rackets

Best for beginners or advanced players looking for control and precision.

Round rackets typically have a low balance and a large, forgiving sweetspot in the centre of the racket. The balance near to the grip means it is easier to handle, giving you full control and manoeuvrability. 

The higher level of precision is ideal for beginners who are looking to master their technique before advancing their game with power. 

Advanced forehand players, who play a defensive role on court, can also use a round racket to their advantage by hitting well-placed strikes and lobs to set-up the point. 

Due to the weight distribution, round rackets offer less power when playing attacking shots.

Teardrop Padel Rackets

Best for intermediate or all-round players looking for a combination of control and power.

With a medium balance, the teardrop shape gives the greatest versatility and is the most popular shape for a reason. They are still easy to handle giving you control but provide greater power. 

The sweetspot is smaller; still in the middle of the racket but less forgiving if you hit the ball towards the edge of the racket face.

Players can use a teardrop racket to capitalise on the work set-up by their forehand partner by winning the shot with a powerful smash. 

The teardrop shape is considered an all round racket, so if you want to prioritise control or power then the other shapes will provide a specialised approach to your game. 

Diamond Padel Rackets

Best for advanced players looking for high power

The diamond shape will deliver the most powerful shots due to the high balance, near to the head of the racket. The sweetspot is small and also at the top of the racket face at the top of the racket face; the least forgiving of the three shaped rackets.

When hitting attacking shots, the aim is to hit the ball at the top of the racket to create the most spin. The high sweetspot and top-heavy weight distribution mean that this part of the racket is also the heaviest so you will have more power behind offensive shots.

A strong, consistent playing technique is needed to maximise the power from a diamond racket. They can also be more uncomfortable to play with and harder to handle, due to the weight distribution. 

The shape and balance of a racket is a key feature when choosing the right racket that feels right for you and your playing style.

For beginners and players prioritising control, we recommend the Polesdon 180.

All-rounders and advanced players should look at the Polesdon 270 which has a medium-high balance. 

See you on the court!