Polesdon 280

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For pros and social players who seek versatility with an edge. The 280 is designed with a teardrop shape and a raw carbon face with subtle texture, giving you the optimal combination of speed, control and power – and the upper hand when it comes to spin shots.

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Please note that due to the handmade process used, slight surface imperfections may be evident.

Medium Balance

Well-balanced weight distribution with a sweet spot at the centre, giving you a winning combination of power and control.

Minimal, understated design

Hand-painted navy grey with a raw carbon edge. For players who want some extra swagger in their game. 

High-performing Carbon

3k density that provides high control, with a less rigid surface that effectively minimises vibrations to maximise comfort. 

Designed in the UK, handmade with care in Spain. Crafted from three decades of research and design.






3K Carbon


355/370 grams


Raw Carbon

Racket Core

EV30 Rubber Foam